Who Is the Slow Man?

by theslowman

What is the Slow Man? Or better question: Who is the Slow Man?

I have to be honest. The Slow Man isn’t me — at least not yet. The Slow Man is something I aspire to be and in that spirit, it seems a good opportunity to list out all the elements of the Slow Man that I know of, up to this point today.

The Slow Man is:

  • fearless, in that he recognizes his fears and attacks them so that they get out of the way.
  • gracious, in that he knows how to accept and appreciate the quality gifts and graces bestowed upon him by the world and by those he cares for and connects with.
  • deliberate, in that he acts with purpose and thought.
  • selfless, in that he recognizes the happiness and desires of those he cares for means as much, if not more than his own happiness and desires.
  • mature, in that he is sure of himself enough to act his age.
  • present, in that he always pays proper attention to what’s going on around him. He is alert, appreciative, and lives in the moment.
  • open, in that being the Slow Man doesn’t mean you have to closed off to new ideas, new impulses, or having fun.

This is sort of the Slow Man laundry list — a bunch of ideas, adjectives, and aspirations that I will be researching, thinking about, and writing on for the blog. I will likely be adding more.

If you have thoughts about any of this stuff or have specific requests for ideas to tackle — let me at ’em.

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Thanks for reading.

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