What’s So Great About Slowness?

some things should go slow

by theslowman

What’s so great about being Slow? It’s a fair question.

Usually, the fast, cheap, and easy are applauded. So much so that everything that has to do with slowness has negative connotations. But, come one, sometimes things are just better when you take your time, right?

I believe there’s a great benefit to taking this Slowness approach. There’s a lot wrong with the world and much of that is because we are moving too damn fast. Sometimes, I think it’s a tough concept to convey, but that’s part of the reason I’m here writing this crap — to figure out how to tell the story…

Maybe it’s easier to tout Slowness by explaining whats wrong with moving too damn fast.

Moving too damn fast is:

– taking a blind shortcut
– acting at the expense of others
– sacrificing long term benefits for short term gains
– ignoring the true costs of our actions and decisions
– letting others do for you what only benefits yourself
– making convenience a driving force

Lets face it: speed kills. No one ever died from taking one step at a time.

What else? Does “moving too damn fast” bring anything particular to your mind?

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