The Slow Man Rule #6: Don’t Run for the Train

don't run for train

by theslowman

This is a pretty easy one, but I see it all the time: Don’t run for the subway.

I’m not against running, but in the subway, it’s just a dumb thing to do. It’s the fast, quick and easy way to find yourself sprawled on the platform and possibly closer to the third rail than you wanted to.

Guess what: There’s another train coming behind it.

If you see the train on the platform, just keep walking at your pace. If you actually make it through the door, then Slowness wins the day. If you didn’t make it and you hear that ominous voice (or friendly if you’re on one of those lines with the automated voiceovers) saying “stand clear of the closing doors,” take a step back, lean against the tile (if it looks clean), and wait for the train that will inevitably be coming behind it.

The Benefits of Not Running After Trains

  • Your clothes do not becoming unnecessarily sweaty (Summer)
  • You don’t trip over your fresh, long winter coat and kill yourself, or others (Winter)
  • You maintain that cool, collected air one who knows the Slowness (Evergreen)

Bonus Multimedia

See, he’s got the right idea

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